The newest luminaires showcase updated technologies that provide more flexibility.


Pilule Pendant

Pilule Pendant.

Paris-based JMW Studio designed this beautifully crafted pendant as part of a larger collection for Holly Hunt. Pilule fuses two pieces of free-blown glass—the top in opal white and the bottom in a choice of five colors—while still in their molten states, ensuring that no two are exactly alike.


TruCirque Luminaire.

PureEdge Lighting has added this full-circle luminaire to its plaster-in recessed offerings. Ranging from 2′ to 18′ in diameter, it comprises RGB- and tunable-white LED strips controlled by a single switch and recessed into 5/8″-thick drywall. The strips, extrusions, and lenses are field-cuttable.



A proprietary technology by Lumenpulse, Opticolor utilizes a multi-chip LED cluster and tight binning to blend color within the optic. This precise process renders the desired color within inches of the fixture’s surface, making it well suited for wall-grazing applications. Opticolor is currently available on select Lumenbeam and Lumenquad projectors.

Vaya Tube G2

Vaya Tube G2 Luminaire.

This direct-view LED luminaire from Signify provides low-resolution graphic lighting for building exteriors, whether for bathing facades in precise colors, presenting media graphics, or creating animated effects. The tubes come in 1′ and 4′ lengths that combine via simple snap-lock connectors for longer runs.

Y Static Link

Y Static Link Light Fixture.

LightArt’s newest acoustic-lighting series consists of four letter-shaped modules—X, Y, T, and L—constructed from linear fixtures sandwiched within PET acoustic felt in a choice of 15 colorways. Each can stand alone or be linked in multiples to create a geometric grid. (The Y, for instance, can be multiplied to form a honeycomb.)


ROD Lamp.

Diesel Living, in collaboration with Lodes, modeled this portable LED table lamp after construction rods used to hold concrete blocks—with the shade and base alluding to the blocks, and the steel stem the rod. Ideal for creating intimate dining environments, the 14″-high fixtures come in Ivory, Soft Pink, Moss Gray, and Dark Asphalt.

Radiant Wave Switch

Radiant Wave Switch.

This touchless light switch from Legrand comes at a time when germs and contagion are still fresh on our minds. All it takes is a simple waving motion—between 1″ and 6″ away from the wall plate—to power it on and off. The plate, available in a choice of nine colors, features a sleek, screwless design that helps it blend into any style environment.


Kurt Versen Luminaires.

Developed to give architects more flexibility and creative freedom, this Kurt Versen collection of recessed and cylinder downlights is notable for its small apertures and   shallow 2″ housing: they can be installed in some of the tightest of spaces. Fixture options range from textured round or square black cylinders with hot-pink interiors to tiny recessed squares sporting a graphite reflector insert.

Lightbar Slim

Ketra Lightbar.

This Ketra modular lightbar from Lutron lives up to its name with dimensions as small as 0.65″ high and wide, making it suitable for areas that require discreet lighting effects, such as under shelves, in coves and archways, or even inside toe kicks. Module length is customizable from 10″ to 96″ in 1″ increments.


StencilFlex Lighting System.

A modular framework system by Axis Lighting, StencilFlex can be configured to meet specific space requirements and aesthetics, thanks to its plug-and-play functionality. Its prewired segment extrusions accommodate special inserts that include linear lighting, downlights, wall-washers, track lights, and pendants—all of which can be individually controlled to create layers of light in specific zones, as desired.