Paxson Fay is a full-service marketing / communications firm specializing in the architecture, design and arts industries.

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Our team coordinates a multi-faceted communications approach for LightArt. Our efforts include advertising coordination, public relations outreach, social media management and email marketing. Working side-by-side, our teams have long integrated to achieve all of LightArt’s marketing and communications goals. A few years ago they even let us tag along on a trip to visit architects and designers across the US.

Through advertising, public relations and email marketing efforts, our team is working with LightArt to both engage with their clients and to develop and nurture quality sales leads.

In 2012, we worked with LightArt on coordinating an experiential marketing concept called Ignite/Create. Ignite/Create originated from the theory that the traditional trade show doesn’t hold the same appeal any longer, and that architects and designers need new ways to experience building products and finishes. Our goal was to create a mobile version of our studio in Seattle that we could drive to cities around the country, bringing a hands-on experience to A+D offices.

We wanted to create a quality, 30-60 minute interaction with our products for designers, with the goal that they walk away with a meaningful LightArt memory. At the end of the year we visited 30 cities, and 2,224 architects and designers. We received extensive person feedback from designers, who said that it was so fun to get out of the office for a little while and create. Paxson Fay assisted in coordinating van stops at A&D firms and large-scale evening events at each of the tour stops. We also created social media content while on the road.

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We’re a couple of women (and a dog named Evie) inspired by other women, design, innovation, technology, art, and the world around us. We live for the chance to create and disperse powerful, genuine messages that resonate.

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Amy's always had an appetite for adventure. Growing up in Seattle, she was always exploring the great outdoors whether hiking, swimming or skiing but she found a particular thrill in traveling. During a visit to NYC with her Mom at age 10, she decided that was where she wanted to live. At age 18, she left her home in the Pacific Northwest behind for the great unknown in the Boogie Down Bronx. Four years later, Amy received her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Fordham University. During the last final of her college career, Amy received a phone call from CNN offering a job opportunity of a lifetime (at least to a 21 year old during the financial crisis) working in television ad sales at Manhattan's Time Warner Center. When a job opportunity in Los Angeles opened up a few years later, Amy couldn't say no to a new adventure back on the west coast. But Seattle eventually called her back home and Amy returned in to pursue a Master's degree in Business Administration with the hopes of learning the skills she needed to feed her entrepreneurial spirit. Before graduating, Amy co-founded Paxson Fay with Tessa Andrews in 2015. Amy focuses on writing and content development including branded content, social media, and video.

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Tessa graduated from Fordham University in New York. During her time at Fordham, she worked for an interior designer, as well as at NBC News. She graduated with a dual major of Communications and Political Science, and then managed marketing at 3form, a pioneer in the sustainable building products industry, where she combined her love for design with her expertise in marketing. She is a self-professed nomad, having travelled the world over and back again. She moved to South Africa in 2014, where she traded business knowledge for artisan craft skills, and almost died rafting the Zambezi. It was around that time she decided the gypsy life was beginning to be a bit much and found her home right here in Seattle, where she joined forces with Amy to start Paxson Fay. In addition to travel, Tessa loves old fashioneds, any pasta you can think of, skiing, politics, Stevie Nicks, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Shirley Chisholm, Gloria Steinham and any other bad ass female who inspires her to get shit done.

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We are a communications firm founded in our passion for good design. Our unique approach to marketing and public relations in the architecture and design community has elevated our clients work to the next level. We’re backed by a talented community of creatives. From copywriters to social media experts, we provide a complete package of customized services. We strive to create a personal experience with each client, integrating teams and tackling your biggest marketing and public relations challenges from a high level. Then we help execute those plans ensuring lots of reporting along the way, with lots of coffee breaks in between because we’re from Seattle and that’s what we do.



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